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Diy Miniature Paper Guitar

Hi there,

Here is a quick project for you to how to assemble diy miniature paper guitar at home.

Diy Miniature Paper Guitar
Diy Miniature Paper Guitar

Project time:

Approximately 1 hour

Project tools:

Color inkjet printer



Paper Glue


Some Patience lol

Step 1

Print and cut the PDF template.

Step 2

Make a line and scorce the side part. (visible in the video)

Start glueing top guitar part with side part. It will eventually cover all sides, so no worries of where to start. But It would look nicer if you start under guitar neck. So transition area wouldn't be visible.

Step 3

Glueing the bottom part is a lot easier. Glue all the small teeth but don't wait too much, glue will dry. Then put the bottom part. Check if some white parts are visible looking from top and fix those areas.

Here is the how to assemble time lapse video for you. You can also see the end result there.

Thanks Marcus for sharing this template with us. Here is the link for it.

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